Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim cashback once I have made a purchase?

All cashback is automatically credited to your account once the transaction is confirmed by the retailer. There can be a delay while this happens. If the transaction has not been marked as confirmed, or does not have a pending value after 14 days please feel free to contact us.

Why is the transaction value incorrect?

Due to rounding, you may find that the transaction value differs slightly. The amount that you are credited should still be correct however. Please let us know if there are any discrepancies. Additionally, some retailers will only pay out on the "base" sale - ie excluding shipping and GST. Some retailers may also exclude certain product lines, excluding but not limited to gift cards.

Why do some advertisers show without images?

You probably have Adblock or a similar extension or addon installed on your browser. We recommend disabling this software.

What are cookies?

Cookies are used all over the Internet and are often used for, for example, keeping you logged in to a website. Chill Cashback and our advertisers use cookies to track when a click turns in to a successful purchase. If cookies are not enabled in your browser, you may not receive cashback. Please refer to your browser security settings and ensure that you allow cookies.

How does paid SMS work?

Once you have entered and verified your mobile number, pick the times and dates that you would like to receive SMS. Then, when you receive a paid message, return to Chill Cashback and type in the verification code that is sent with the message. You will then be immediately credited with your reward!

What is IV?

When you see the IV symbol, this indicates that the advertiser is participating in our instant verification program. This means that your transaction will usually be tracked within minutes after the eligibility criteria has been met. However, there may be delays - for example there may be system issues or maintenance on our end or our advertisers end, or the advertiser may choose to manually verify the transaction in question. If this is the case, the transaction will be marked as confirmed once our advertiser has confirmed that the required actions have been completed or maintenance has been completed.

Can I use my cashback to purchase from Chill Cashback retailers?

No. Cashback will be paid to you in cash (either PayPal, bank deposit or cheque) once you reach the minimum payout amount. You can then use the cash (real cash!) however you like :)

I always shop at [Exciting Shop A] - how do I get cashback for shopping there if they aren't listed on the Chill Cashback website?

Suggest them! Let the retailer know that you would like to see them on Chill Cashback, and let us know as well!

How do I access adult categories?

If you are over 18, click on Edit Profile and check the box for choosing to view categories of an adult nature. This may include products that may be offensive to some people, and/or products that are only legal to purchase if you are over 18.

I have a problem with a product or service purchased. What do I do?

Please contact the store that you purchased the item from directly. Chill Cashback does not sell any products, we are merely linking you to different retailers online. Each retailer runs their own business and is not managed or operated by Chill Cashback. Should you have a complaint that you are not able to resolve with the retailer in question, please contact Chill Cashback. Although we will not be able to follow up on your complaint directly, we do track complaints (and compliments!) to help maintain better relationships with our retailers.

I contacted a website, and they said that they have never heard of Chill Cashback! Why is this?

Chill Cashback does not maintain direct relationships with all retailers - sometimes they are through a relationship with a third party. Should you have any queries with a product purchased, please contact the retailer directly. Should you have any queries with relation to cashback or the Chill Cashback website, please contact us.

What do I do if cashback doesn't show in my account after making a purchase?

If at least 14 days have passed, please contact us. We may be able to track your transaction.

If I return a product I purchased, will I still get cashback?

Cashback may show in your account and then all cashback for that transaction be cancelled at a later date if you return part or all of your order.

I accidentally clicked cancel on a transaction where I made a purchase, what do I do?

Don't worry! You can simply click the transaction back to pending. Even cancelled transactions can be made confirmed by Chill Cashback staff - this field is only for your tracking purposes.

Why do all of my transactions show as $0.00 even though I have made a purchase?

This is normal. Transactions will not update and show a purchase amount until a transaction has been confirmed, at which point the appropriate amount of cashback will also be credited to your account.
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